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At SuperLINK Computers we use and recommend:  Vonage  (VoIP*) Phone.

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Computer services:

General PC desktops and laptops repairs: Windows systems repairing, optimizing & installation. Check up your bandwidth speed: here.

*       Eradicating evil programs ("viruses, spyware, worms" etc.). Please read: safety tips

*       PC sales: system Hardware/Software upgrades.  Please learn more about: PC cooling

*       Custom build and sale of new computers (documented invoice and warranty provided).

*       PC networking: Internet connect, PC connect, files/printer share, Internet PC access, Internet printing

At SuperLINK Computers you can find the helping hand with variety of your PC problems: from "Total dead on arrival" PC to small repair to appraisal.

Your PC can be cleaned, upgraded, revived or even replaced. And yes, however more challenging, we do service the laptops. On hardware side we sell new and used PC. We partner with America's great manufacturers of ULTRA and SYSTEMAX computers. Ultra PC    Infotel-Ultra Tech Support.

This pages are Adobe *.pdf files. You can download your free Adobe Reader: here.

Laptop battery problem? Please read about:  laptops battery care.

Printer problem? We recommend:


* Computers Computers Computers:  SALE Opportunity! *

We sell the PC computers:

Used PCs:



 Sony VAIO $100-$160

ApeviaXP $150

Zenith $100

Apevia Red Box $100

Elite  $130

Compaq Presario $150


Note: all desktop computers come complete with new wireless keyboard and mouse and subwoofer speakers (screen is optional).

30 days hardware warranty.



Laptops Used:

DELL Lattitude E6400 ($150)

ACER Extensa 5420 ($175)

DELL Inspirion

DELL Latttude D600 ($150)

FUJI Lifebook T2020 ($190)

Acer Aspire 7250 ($175)



New customized specials:

Soprano Blue Amd A10 ($1250)

Soprano Snow White –Intel i7 ($1995)

Apevia XP Intel i5LS

Xion Solaris LS Quad ($425)

I3 VIP ($565)



Variety of computer cases to choose from:      choose your case from price list: here

Note: We customize your computers for your needs. Please call for prices and availability.  



We do service calls:

The usual price is $50 per PC.  Qualified A+ technician at $30 /hour minimum charge performs field call to your PC in distress. All repairs are professionally done and backed by written 30 days warranty.

We provide computer training:  * We are providing Computer Training for everyone *   

The computer tutorial classes are available in variety of topics: basic PC know how, Windows 101, file handling with File Explorer, document creation and editing, Internet, e-mail, MS-Word, MS-Excel, A+ PC-repair & upgrade, networking, applications and programming. 10 hours package available for $150

Presently, "The Computer Training"  A+ Service Technician Certification courses: (PC Hardware Core and PC OS Software Core) have been introduced with the help from   and  Please call for the details. All levels, all ages are welcome.

For more detailed information please look into our:   Services  and read about the "Vista bootloader" features (multiple Operating Systems or Windows in your single PC).

* We can help with your Personal taxes *


The SuperLINK Computers office can be contacted by phone: (763) xxx-3065   or by email.

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